About Us...

Our Story

Old Digibox is a community in the UK & Ireland focused solely on maintaining and archiving everything British television, specifically the Sky Digital Platform, from 1998—2015.

Old Digibox was founded by Chelmsford IT on 5th June 2019, with the first recognizable members being SuperLegendary and JWS25.

However, in August 2019, Chelmsford IT made history by creating the Old Digibox Discord server, with over 200+ messages being sent there every day ever since.

In early May 2020, Sabian Roberts and Gazlene joined the Discord server, again making history, by making projects such as the Sky Web EPG. Sabian Roberts also made two exclusive music albums for the Sky Web EPG which are available on all major music stores.

The Staff

  • Chelmsford IT - founder & owner

  • Sabian Roberts - community manager

  • JWS25, ISLI & SunburntRock89 - discord moderators

The community continues to grow...

Website Credits

Website was originally created by Chelmsford IT with help from contributors Sabian Roberts, Rexogamer and Ry13y04.