About Us...

When the Sky television network first launched in 1989, innovative technology helped push the multichannel concept to millions of British households for the very first time. In 1998, when the UK was beginning to go digital, Sky were leading the way again, being the first to launch digital services on October 1, 1998. Sky Digital brought several major improvements to the pre-existing analogue service, including enhanced sound and picture, OpenTV interactive services, and most notably, SkyGuide, the innovative electronic program guide that put the viewer in control.

As the needs of the average television viewer grew, so did Sky Digital. Throughout the years, the service was upgraded to bring viewers fantastic new features, including new hardware, software and accessories.

Today, Sky Q and Sky Glass offer viewers a unique, personalised viewing experience with a sleek and modern user interface. At Old Digibox, we think it's important to appreciate Sky's journey and product development over the years. We have an extensive collection of Sky equipment and EPG software from over the years, and maintain a passionate user base. Take a look at the online museum today, and experience the Sky product development journey.