Sky Adverts

Launch Promos

Sky Digital launched a few weeks before other services and were keen to get people to subscribe to them before competition arrived (but never made it to Sky's level).

Sports on Sky Digital

Digital Launch Commercial

Launch Promo 2

Launch Promo 3

LG iDTV Promo


In its first few years, they had advertised competitive offers for their new digital services.

Free Dish + Box Promo

Sky Customer Magazine Promo

Analogue Service Shutdown

Free Dish + Box Installation Promo 2


Sky were eager to promote themselves in continuities and ad-breaks. They also wanted to start marketing the Sky+ PVR units.

Multiroom Promo

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Sky+ Promo

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DinoTopia Sky One Promo


F1 Digital+ Promo

Sky Sports 2 Rugby Trailer


Viewing Card Exchange

Swoosh -> Yellow HouseAlternative version with no music

Sky+ 'Imaginary Friend' promo


Sky Multiroom Promo


Sky+ is on the rise at this point, with competitive prices still up on the market for them.

Sky+ Promo DVD

Sky+ Free Subscription Promo