The Sudden PVR4s Updates (and how to prevent it)

FEBRUARY 2021 — RY13Y04

Over on the Discord server, Chelmsford IT had managed to acquire a satellite card, and by using a program, can check what EPG versions are up on the update stream. It turns out Sky are pushing out updates to PVR4s. In the STBs on the field document (last updated August 2020), it shows the last updates being in 2017, however were never pushed out. It has just now happened. It is unknown why they are starting to be pushed out now however it's a possibility it was a bug that Sky fixed.

After close inspection on the update stream, it appears to be all on weekdays, and different manufacturers each week. If you own a PVR4 on an older EPG and would like to preserve it, please unplug the box during weekdays.