What is the latest software version for my box?

If you own a standard Digibox (does not record) the latest software version is 3.8.8 / 3.8.8ns (or for 2500N). If you own a Plus box (ability to record, pause and rewind) the latest software version is 5.08.6.

Thomson HD boxes run up to Sky+8.3.2 (first Sky+HD redesign version) and Amstrad and Pace HD boxes run up to R010.

Will an old Digibox update to the latest EPG version?

No; the update stream was shut off by Sky in 2014, meaning you can plug your box to satellite and watch TV, without worrying about updates. Note that Amstrad/Sky DRX890, 895 and 595 units still update.

When was the last EPG version released for Digiboxes and Sky+ boxes?

Both latest versions for Digiboxes and Sky+ boxes were released in 2010.

Is there still background music on the TV guide?

Unfortunately as of January 1st 2018, the transponder to the EPG background audio channel was cut off, leaving the original EPG in silence.

What is an EPG?

'EPG' stands for Electronic Programming Guide, and is the software that runs on many modern television receivers. EPGs are GUIs (graphical user interface) used for showing channel listings on TV.

What EPG versions are there?

For a list of all known EPG versions with videos or screenshots, click here. For the full list of EPG versions (in text form with no videos or screenshots), click here.

What OS runs the EPG?

Sky had used OpenTV until 2010, along with a slew of its international subsidiaries and other providers even, the last Sky EPG version to run OpenTV was Sky+9.10.14v or Sky+8.4.0.MultiPlatform.V3.0.0. Since, Sky used (and still uses) MediaHighway, the first version being SYSF-2x.xx (unofficially called R001), released in mid 2010.


Can I still use an old Digibox and/or an older + box today?

Despite no background music on the TV Guide, all older boxes continue to work properly. They can also still receive subscription channels if you have a subscription viewing card. Sky+HD boxes (except for some early PVR4 models) will work with the DVB-S2 format.

What Digibox do I have?

There are a number of models released over the years, and can be quite difficult to identify from one and another.

All known models are listed here and you may spot yours on there. You can also identify your box by using our Sky Box Lookup Tool. If you own a model that isn't listed on the page, please let us know.