Sky Remotes

There simply is no other way to put it; using a Sky remote control is an experience unlike any remote you've ever used before. Every Sky remote control is designed with ergonomics in mind, with the primary navigational controls placed where your thumb naturally rests. Plus, with the perfect amount of weight and excellent build quality, a Sky remote is a strong and comfortable remote, up to the task of withstanding the everyday demands of a household. 

SKY100 - 1998 Version

DIGIBOX — 1998

The first version of the classic SKY100 remote control, first introduced at the beginning of the digital service.

SKY100 - 1999 'Swoosh' logo

DIGIBOX — 1999

The swoosh remote has some slight differences to the egg remote. New Sky logo and the Helvetica font change.

A second revision (see below) has the modern Sky logo but still includes the swoosh.


DIGIBOX — 2001

This is the most common remote for Digiboxes, which came out in 2001. Most people who had a Digibox had this remote. 

The most notable change is the change of Sky logo, omitting the swoosh.  The remote went through a design overhaul in 2005 (pictured on the Digibox remote), with the addition of the speaker icon on the 0 button and a new font on the keys. Again, the remote had a slight change in 2009 with a softer Sky logo and a sleeker font. These changes also applied to the Sky+ and Sky+HD remotes.


SKY+/SKY+HD — 2001

Sky+ remotes had a similar design to the Common Digibox Remote, but with a few changes. Most notable are the new buttons, which are Pause/Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Record & Stop which are the Sky+ controls, with a black border around the midsection buttons.

By default, you can't use these remotes to control Digiboxes. However, you actually can, just not much people know about it. To do this, press TV, hold select and YELLOW until you see 2 LED flashes, and now, press 0 then select to control Digiboxes, or press 1 then select to control Sky+ & Sky+HD boxes. Then press SKY to save the changes.

Sky+HD remotes had the exact same control layout, with a sleeker design. 

Sky Navigator


The Sky Navigator, at first, looks like a regular Sky+ remote (albeit taller), however the flap reveals a keyboard inside. 


SKY+/SKY+HD — 2006

The Sky+HD remote is essentially just a Sky+ remote but with a sleeker design. Sky HD boxes (which were Sky+HD boxes without the Sky+ features) also came with these.