Sky Adverts

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Sports on Sky Digital

Digital Launch Commercial

Launch Promo 2

Launch Promo 3



In its first few years, they had advertised competitive offers for their new digital services.

Free Dish + Box Promo

Sky Customer Magazine Promo

Analogue Service Shutdown

Free Dish + Box Installation Promo 2


Sky were eager to promote themselves in continuities and ad-breaks. They also wanted to start marketing the Sky+ PVR units.

Multiroom Promo

(Skip to 5:39)

Sky+ Promo

(Skip to 6:20)

DinoTopia Sky One Promo


F1 Digital+ Promo

Sky Sports 2 Rugby Trailer


Viewing Card Exchange

Swoosh -> Yellow HouseAlternative version with no music

Sky+ 'Imaginary Friend' promo

(Located at 3:07)

Sky Multiroom Promo


Sky+ is on the rise at this point, with competitive prices still up on the market for them.

Sky+ Promo DVD

Sky+ Free Subscription Promo

(Located at 5:37)