The Panasonic IDTV

An earlier attempt to integrate Sky into a TV...

Panasonic TX-32/28DTS3

The launch of Sky Glass has recently been significant, however, this isn't the first time that a Sky service was integrated into a TV. In the early 2000s, LG (DI-28Z12) and Panasonic manufactured integrated digital televisions (IDTVs) with a key difference, they had Sky Digiboxes integrated into them. 

Not much information is known about these TVs, although it's suggested that the LG sets utilised a standard Pace BSKYB2200, and the Panasonic sets used a modified MN2-based unit (possibly a modified TU-DSB30/31).

The Panasonic television sets utilised special EPG software, and for a while, missed out on several key updates. Whilst other units received the EPG v4 update, initially, these IDTVs sat behind on IDTV 3.2.11 (still a dark blue EPG).  Sometime in 2007, this was rectified and IDTVs updated to IDTV to bring the two-page TV guide and other features. Soon after, further updates were ceased on these sets. It is thought that IDTV customers were offered Sky+ boxes as replacements.

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