The Sky Web EPG is a complete recreation pixel-for-pixel of the Sky EPG (from the Digiboxes and Sky+ boxes), based from versions 3.8.8 and 5.08.6. This accurate recreation was first conceived by sabianmateinnit and gazlene from our Discord server.

It is hosted on GitHub, so you can report issues and track changes & releases.

Contributions to the HackRF and HackTV Projects

A HackRF device is an analogue and digital TV transmitter that allows you to transmit anything locally to analogue and/or digital satellite or aerial receivers. We have been able to accomplish just about anything with it so far.

Transmitting to an Analogue Decoder

Chelmsford IT picked up an old Toshiba TS-540 (rebadged Pace MSS500), an old analogue decoder (with VideoCrypt support), possibly unused since 2001, when all the Sky Analogue channels had shut down. However, with the HackRF device, and the HackTV code, we have been able to get the unit working again.