At Old Digibox, we enjoy completing projects and engaging with modern and classic Sky equipment. Whether for fun, learning, or development purposes, take a look at some of the projects we've completed.

EPGMusicDemo (1).mp4

Project 'Unsilenced'

Remember that background music you heard whilst browsing the Sky Guide?

Whilst the 'EPG Background Audio.' service was discontinued in 2018, Chelmsford IT has created the 'Unsilenced' project to restore the music through simulation.

Using a connected Windows PC, and an RS-232 serial link, this small utility mutes and unmutes any selected audio track depending on the status of the connected Sky box, using the Sky Gnome protocol. This project is still under development, improvements include the creation of hardware devices and porting the application to the Raspberry Pi device.

Compatible with any Sky Box from EPG 3.3a.6-3.8.8 (ns/.12) and Sky+ boxes from EPG sky+1.30.n to 5.08.6.

Analogue Broadcasting

Many Old Digibox members own a 'HackRF' Software Defined Radio. We use these devices for a number of uses, including broadcasting to classic analogue Sky satellite receivers.

Transmitting to an Analogue Decoder

Old Digibox maintains a collection of analogue equipment, including viewing cards, receivers and decoders.

Firmware Preservation

At Old Digibox, we hold examples of almost every major EPG version in existence.

Pace BSkyB 3100

We maintain a private collection of EPG firmware files for the Pace BSkyB 3100. We achieve this through JTAG flash dumping and extraction.

Sky+ Reloaded Project

Due to advancements of broadcast EPG data, earlier versions of the Sky+ firmware have a few features that no longer function (recording, second tuner support). We took a newer EPG version and ported the older 2001-2005 'dark blue' visual elements.