Began Manufacturing: 1998, Ended Manufacturing: 2010

Already tightly integrated with Sky's analogue service, it was no surprise that Amstrad partnered with Sky to build a range of set top boxes. Amstrad were one of the first major manufacturers of Sky Digiboxes. Their first box was the DRX100, released in 1998.

The manufacturing quality of the Amstrad units has significantly improved over the years, with Sky purchasing the set top box division of Amstrad in 2007.

Manufacturer ID: 4F

Sky Digibox

DRX100 TP2 (1998)

Version Number: 4F01XX
CPU Type: ST20-TP2

The DRX100 marked the beginning of manufacturing for Amstrad, with early boxes having 'egg' logos. These boxes were actually manufactured by Samsung and branded Amstrad. Early DRX100s ran warm, had notable PSU and tuner issues and were commonly replaced.


DRX180 PVR2 (2004)

Version Number: 4F20XX
RAM: 32 MB
HDD: 40GB Seagate IDE

Released in 2004, the DRX180 was the first Amstrad Sky+ box, and was classed as a PVR2. Generally, a reliable box, but is known for some tuner and PSU issues.


DRX780 PVR4 (2008)

Version Number: 4F30XX
CPU Type: Conexant ARM
RAM: 128 MB
HDD: 300 or 320GB Western Digital SATA

The Amstrad DRX780 was the freak misfit of the PVR4 line, being the only ARM-based HD unit. Often times, the 780 would find itself being last in the queue for system updates. These are generally reliable units, but can become slow.

DRX89X PVR5/6 (2009)

Version Number: 4F31XX
CPU Type: Broadcom MIPS
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 500 GB - 1.5TB Western Digital SATA, or 500 GB - 2 TB Seagate Pipeline HD
PERSONAL SPACE: 250 GB. 1 TB or 1.7 TB
VARIANTS: DRX890 (Standard, 250 GB), DRX890W (Standard, 250 GB, Wi-Fi and IO Link), DRX890WL (Standard, 250 GB, Wi-Fi, IO Link and Legacy Port removal). DRX895 (1 or 2 TB), DRX895W (1 or 2 TB, Wi-Fi and IO Link), DRX895WL (1 or 2 TB, Wi-Fi, IO Link and Legacy Port removal).

The DRX89X series of boxes represent the final Sky+HD boxes to be produced, after Sky bought the manufacturing in-house. There are no major hardware differences between any of these models, and all boxes utilise the same software.