Already tightly integrated with Sky's analogue service, it was no surprise that Amstrad partnered with Sky to build a range of set top boxes. Amstrad were one of the first major manufacturers of Sky Digiboxes. Their first Digibox was the DRX100, released in 1998.

Manufacturer ID: 4F

Sky Digibox

DRX100 TP2 (1998)

Version Number: 4F01XX
CPU Type: ST20-TP2

The DRX100 marked the beginning of manufacturing for Amstrad, with early boxes having 'egg' logos. These boxes were actually manufactured by Samsung and branded Amstrad.

DRX400 (2002/3?)

Version Number: 4F06XX
CPU Type: Conexant CX22496
The DRX400 was a fast, reliable box.


DRX180 PVR2 (2004)

Version Number: 4F20XX
RAM: 32 MB
HDD: 40GB Seagate IDE

Released in 2004, the DRX180 was the first Amstrad Sky+ box, and was classed as a PVR2.


DRX780 PVR4 (2008)

Version Number: 4F30XX
CPU Type: Conexant CX24176
HDD: 300 or 320GB Western Digital SATA

The Amstrad DRX780 was the freak misfit of the PVR4 line, being the only ARM-based HD unit. Often times, the 780 would find itself being last in the queue for system updates.

DRX89X PVR5/6 (2009)

Version Number: 4F31XX
CPU Type: Broadcom BCM7335
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 500 GB - 1.5TB Western Digital SATA, or 500 GB - 2 TB Seagate Pipeline HD
PERSONAL SPACE: 250 GB. 1 TB or 1.7 TB
VARIANTS: DRX890 (Standard, 250 GB), DRX890W (Standard, 250 GB, Wi-Fi and IO Link), DRX890WL (Standard, 250 GB, Wi-Fi, IO Link and Legacy Port removal). DRX895 (1 or 2 TB), DRX895W (1 or 2 TB, Wi-Fi and IO Link), DRX895WL (1 or 2 TB, Wi-Fi, IO Link and Legacy Port removal).

The DRX89X series of boxes represent the final Sky+HD boxes to be produced, after Sky bought the manufacturing in-house.