Already a major manufacturer of high-quality home entertainment equipment with their FineArts brand, Grundig was an early major manufacturer of Digiboxes. Around 2002, Grundig's manufacturing was overtaken by Thomson.

Manufacturer ID: 4E


GDS200 TP3 (1999)

Version Number: 4E02XX, 4E03XX
CPU Type: ST20-TP3

The Grundig GDS200 was a common box to be issued with in the early days of the digital service. There was also a TP2 variant, and early units carry 'TV-COM' branding internally.

GDS2000 (2001)

Version Number: 4E04XX
CPU Type: STI5512

Whilst the GDS2000 might look like previous boxes, the unit bought significant improvements in speed, reliability and quality when compared to the previous Grundig units.