Panasonic were one of the first major manufacturers of Sky Digiboxes. Their first box was the TU-DSB20, released in 1998. It's thought that they stopped manufacturing Sky units in 2003.

Manufacturer ID: 0F

TU-DSB20 (1998)

Version Number: 0F01XX
CPU Type: ST20-TP3

The Panasonic TU-DSB20 was the last box to be released to customers out of the batch of launch boxes.

TU-DSB30 (1999)

Version Number: 0F02XX
CPU Type: Panasonic MN2

The TU-DSB30 bought significant speed and reliability improvements over the TU-DSB20, thanks in no small part to the new proprietary Panasonic MN2 chip.

TU-DSB31 (2000)

Version Number: 0F03XX
CPU Type: Panasonic MN2

This was a largely similar box to the TU-DSB30, with a new modernised and compact design. This is a community fan-favourite.