Around 2007, Sky purchased Amstrad and until 2010, continued to manufacture boxes under the Amstrad branding. In 2010, the first Sky-branded boxes began appearing, the Sky DRX89X series.

Manufacturer ID: 4F


DRX89X PVR5/6 (2009)

Version Number: 4F31XX
CPU Type: Broadcom MIPS
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 500 GB - 1.5TB Western Digital SATA, or 500 GB - 2 TB Seagate Pipeline HD
PERSONAL SPACE: 250 GB. 1 TB or 1.7 TB
VARIANTS: DRX890 (Standard, 250 GB), DRX890W (Standard, 250 GB, Wi-Fi and IO Link), DRX890WL (Standard, 250 GB, Wi-Fi, IO Link and Legacy Port removal). DRX895 (1 or 2 TB), DRX895W (1 or 2 TB, Wi-Fi and IO Link), DRX895WL (1 or 2 TB, Wi-Fi, IO Link and Legacy Port removal).

The DRX89X series of boxes represent the final Sky+HD boxes to be produced, after Sky bought the manufacturing in-house. There are no major hardware differences between any of these models, and all boxes utilise the same software.