Light Blue EPGs

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In 2004, Sky assumed a new corporate identity, introducing the glass logo. This EPG was introduced in response to the increased number of channels available on Sky's services. which saw the need to introduce 16 new channel categories across two EPG pages. At the same time, Sky decided to give the EPG a fresh new look. Throughout the years, this EPG has commonly been updated to add support for HD, Anytime, Auto Standby and the System Health Check.

For Sky Digiboxes, and Sky+ units, this style EPG was the final version to be released in 2010. You can still find this on many boxes today.

2005 Versions


Pace DS430N


Thomson DSI8210

Sky+ 1.30n and 3.3b.5 are very special EPG releases. Both released in September 2005, these are incredibly rare to find, as they were only on boxes up until February 2006. These versions are identical to 3.3a.6, with the 'Personal Planner' on 0.

This update bought Sky+ units in line with Sky Digiboxes with regards to Parental Control features.

2006+ Versions

In 2006, Sky released what was internally known as 'EPG v4'. (Sky+4.00o¹) and (3.4.4b). This style of EPG sent the Personal Planner to the Green button, and introduced a two-page menu to the TV Guide.

Digibox Versions

3.5.3 (2006)

Pace DS445NB (2007)

Thomson DSI4101

3.7.6 (ns) (2009)

Grundig GDS200

3.8.8 (ns) (2010)

Pace BSKYB2200

Sky+ Versions

Sky+4.10.c (2006)

Pace BSKYB3100

Sky+4.20.a (2006)

Pace BSKYB3100

5.02.f (2007)

Thomson DSI8210

5.03.g (2007)

Pace BSKYB3100

5.04.d (2008)

Pace BSKYB3100

5.04.e (2008)

Amstrad DRX180

5.07.u (2009)

Pace TDS470N

5.08.6 (2010)

Pace BSKYB3100

Sky+HD Versions

From its launch in 2006, up until 2009, Sky+HD used the same menu style as these boxes. Sky+HD boxes on these versions are considered to be incredibly rare, almost impossible to find.

HD 3.10.q (2006)

Thomson DSI8215

5.02.fHD (2007)

Thomson DSI8215

5.10.jHD (2008)

Pace TDS850NB

5.10.kHD (2008)