v8/MediaHighway EPGs


By 2007, Sky's EPG was severely dated, with the same basic system being in use for almost nine years at the time. Compared to the newly formed Virgin Media service, Sky's EPG was yet again lagging behind in features. Sky were planning to add a pull-based VOD service (Anytime+) for a while, and realised that the current EPG just could not work with the amount of content. Still based off of the same OpenTV 1.x core that the 1998 EPG utilised, Sky released a complete redesign of the Sky EPG for all Sky+HD units in 2009.

Overall, this EPG was very poorly received, especially with customers with visual impairments. It had a very short usage period compared to other Sky EPGs, and was replaced by the 'Picasso' EPG in 2012.

EPG v8 Versions

These were the last versions to use the OpenTV middleware.

Sky+8.3.2 (2009)

Thomson DSI 8215

Sky+8.4.0.MultiPlatform.v3.0.0 (2009)

Amstrad DRX 895

MediaHighway Versions (R-Series)

In October 2010, Sky took a major new direction in their EPG development, by switching out the OpenTV-based middleware used since 1998 for open-source Unix-based firmware to add support for network connections and Sky Anytime+. It was a rather dangerous switch, with full planner conversion required. During the update, it was not uncommon for users to find their hard drives completely wiped out, and some Pace TDS850NB PVR4s became bricked by early updates, requiring complete box replacement.

Due to technical limitations (possibly due to the lack of secure hardware-based code signing), the Thomson DSI8215 missed out on the move to Unix.

R003.047.25.00P (2011)

Pace TDS850NB

R005.054.13.00P (2012)

Pace TDS850NB

R006.058.60.00P (2013)

Amstrad/Sky DRX 890

R010.070.91.00P (2014)

Amstrad DRX 780

R011.075.59.17P (2017)

Amstrad/Sky DRX 595