Sky Gnome

Sky made a radio.... for some reason.

What is the Sky Gnome?

The Sky Gnome was an accessory released in 2005 for the Sky Digital platform that allowed users to listen to Radio stations and TV channels from around the house. It was essentially a speaker for your Sky Digibox or Sky+ box.

How does it work?

To use Sky Gnome, you would need to connect the datalink adaptor to the RF2 output (with power supply switched on) on the Sky Digibox/Sky+. Then, you need to connect the base station to the dataline, and the mains. Next, you need to get a composite cable and connect the L&R audio on the Sky box and the Base Station together.

Now, you need to enter Services on your Sky box and press 0, 1, and Select and the Installer Setup should appear. From here, you can go to RF OUTLETS, and turn the RF Outlet Power Supply on. Now, you can insert the rechargable battery into your Sky Gnome and you should hear any audio coming from your Sky Box if it linked to your Base Station successfully.