The Sky Web EPG is a complete recreation pixel-for-pixel of the Sky EPG (from the Digiboxes and Sky+ boxes), based from versions 3.8.8 and 5.08.6. This accurate recreation was first conceived by sabianmateinnit and gazlene from our Discord server.

It is hosted on GitHub, so you can report issues and track changes & releases.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Sky Web EPG (5.10oc)
Sky EPG (5.08.6/3.8.8)

Enhancements Over the Original EPG

  • Exclusive set of music created for the Web EPG, created by Bryson Records. The 2020 set may be played on the right.

  • EPG Background Audio playlist changes depending on time of day.

  • More options on Interactive.

  • Higher quality elements.